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Thermo-Lay's New Hook-Lift Asphalt Patcher Enhances Crew Flexibility.

placed_imageA hook-lift truck offers today's fleet manager unmatched versatility. With a hook lift installed, a single truck chassis can be equipped with various attachments to perform a range of tasks—saving the capital cost and overhead of acquiring and maintaining several purpose-built trucks. For road crews, a hook-lift asphalt patching machine is the ideal solution when road repair is done on a part-time or seasonal basis. 

To answer this growing market need, Thermo-Lay is pleased to announce its new hook-lift asphalt patch machine. The unit is designed to deliver Thermo-Lay's full range of safety, productivity, and reliability features—but with added flexibility:
  • Reduce expense and wait times. By using an existing hook-lift truck, buyers can avoid the cost and delay of procuring a dedicated truck chassis. The Thermo-Lay unit's design can be adapted to any hook-lift style and A frame dimensions. Units are typically delivered in 60-90 days.
  • Stay productive. When not repairing asphalt, owners can swap in other attachments like a dump body, flatbed, or tanker to get essential work done.
  • Simplify ownership. A single hook-lift truck with multiple attachments requires just one:
    • CDL driver
    • Insurance policy
    • Vehicle registration
    • FET (federal excise tax levied on non-government entities)

Thermo-Lay hook-lift machines are self-contained—an onboard hydraulic power unit means you never have to worry about truck compatibility. Models with 4.25 and 6.25 cubic yard capacities are available.

Like other Thermo-Lay asphalt repair machines (trucks, trailers, and slide-ins), the hook-lift unit sets a new performance standard:

  • Dependable Material Feed: Multi-speed HD-steel auger with anti-bridge bar and auto-drawback prevent asphalt blockages and clogs.
  • Even Heating: Propane-fired radiant oil heating, plus electric overnight heat, ensures asphalt temperature remains consistent.
  • Complete Discharge: Release agent spray bar prevents asphalt from sticking to hopper surfaces.
  • Extra Safety: Operators are protected by multiple E-stops, safety interlocks, telescoping arrow board, and flashers.
  • Total Versatility: For convenience and productivity, the tailgate grants access to tack gun, weed burner, cleaning wand, jackhammer, compactor, hand tools, and water connection.

For 48 years, American-made Thermo-Lay asphalt patching equipment has delivered unrivalled safety, capability, and ease of use. With more than 560 units shipped to customers across North America, Thermo-Lay has earned a reputation for reliability and low cost-of-ownership. All Thermo-Lay machines are custom-built at our Idaho headquarters by a team with decades of experience in road infrastructure maintenance and repair.

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