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Test-drive our full range of features, including:

  • Dependable Material Feed: Multi-speed HD-steel auger with anti-bridge bar and auto-drawback.
  • Even Heating: Propane-fired thermal-transfer fluid heating, plus electric overnight heat.
  • Complete Discharge: Release agent spray bar for anti-stick hopper surfaces.
  • Extra Safety: E-stops, safety interlocks, telescoping arrow board, and flashers.
  • Total Versatility: Tailgate access to tack gun, weed burner, cleaning wand, jackhammer, compactor, hand tools, and water connection.
  • Waste Handling: Dual hydraulically emptied waste bins (street AND curb side), plus high-capacity waste tank.
  • Designed for You: Trucks from 2.0 to 6.25 cubic yards, plus hook-lift, slide-in, and trailer options.

Demand a Better
Asphalt Patching Machine

For 47 years, American-made Thermo-Lay equipment has set the standard for safety, efficiency, and productivity.

asphalt patch truck safety


🚧 Arrow board, flashers, safety interlocks, and multiple e-stops come standard.

🚧 No need for crew to climb truck or enter hopper, thanks to optimized material flow.

🚧 Tailgate controls and tools minimize traffic exposure.

asphalt patch truck efficiency


🚧 Heat transfer fluid, HD steel auger, anti-bridge bar, and release agent spray system ensure asphalt quality and flow.

🚧 Take on every task with onboard tack gun, weed burner, jackhammer, swivel chute, compactor, cleaning fluid wand, and various hand tools.

asphalt patch truck productivity


🚧 CAN bus-controlled, air-cooled hydraulics reduce complexity, boost reliability, and streamline operation from cab or tailgate.

🚧 Our welded, heavy-gauge steel construction with industrial coating withstands daily punishment for decades.